Company History

The amalgamation on 31st October 2017 led by the BCP committee no, 11/2560 and from the committee of KSL no. 6/2559-2560 on 19th July 2017, conquered the decision to acquire (1) BBH Holding Limited (“BBH”), a former BCP’s associated with shareholding percentage of 100.0. While BBH owns 85.0 percent, 70.0 percent, and 21.3 percent, consecutively for the shares of BBE, BBF, and Ubon Bio Ethanol public company limited (“UBE”). (2) KSLGI, a former subsidiary company of KSL, in which KSL owned 100.0 percent. The ultimate shareholding by KSLGI in KGI’s was aligned with a plan to become partnership in business of Bio-Based between BCP and KSL. The company had registered capital 2,532.00 million Baht. 253.20 million unit of this amount were common shares with value per unit of 10.0 Baht. BCP and KSL each owned the percentage of share 60.0 and 40.0, respectively.

The group company performed through Holding Company within the business of Biofuel, production and distribution of Ethanol, Biodiesel, By-product, and other business associated with the aforementioned. In present, the group company is a shareholding of KGI, BBE, and BBF with the shares of 100.0 percent, 85.0 percent, and 70.0 percent of the paid-in capital of these companies, respectively. Furthermore, the group company acquired 21.3 percent of UBE’s paid-in capital. Considering the total production capacity of Biofuel from the subsidiary companies and the associate, we will have more than 1,000,000 liters/day of Ethanol and 1,000,000 liters/day of Biodiesel. Production capacity per share is 625,121 liters/day of Ethanol and 700,000 liters/day of Biodiesel.

The group company operated the Biofuel business since 2004 with the alternated of structure later in October 2017 the notable mentioned developments listed below.