Vision, Mission, Goal and Strategy


To be Global Greenovative Bio-Business for Sustainability.


To create high value products through Innovative Biotechnology, Operational Excellence and promote Sustainability Development.

Direction and strategy of group company operation

Group company intents to exemplify the current business and in the biological High Value Products (HVP) with the following details.

1. Investment of current business

Group Company will increase the production of Ethanol of the associated companies from 500,000 liters/day to 1,000,000 liters/day (equivalent to 330.00 million liters per annual). We aim to exemplify the assembly of Biodiesel Fatty Acid Methyl Esters ("Biodiesel") both in its production and distribution from 930,000 liters/day to 1,000,000 liters/day (equivalent to 330.00 million liters per annual) by year of 2023. This is feasible through the increase in investment of production and improvement in efficiency of existed factories and/or the acquisition. In addition to having venture in an alternative resource to Bio Diesel and/or the clients which then reduce the cost of logistic. Importantly, the plan to invest and development of efficiency was approved from the company board no. 5/2561 at 27th April 2018 and 9th August 2018. Considering the change that have been brought after the plan announced on the 9th August 20185 the production of Ethanol at the associated companies has been increase to 800,000 liters/day within the year of 2020. While the production of Biodiesel will raise to 1,000,000 liters/day and by year 2019.

2. Investment in biological High Value Products (HVP)

Although the HVP business is yet to produce any income; the group company expects to continue investing in this business sector with the focal area that are acknowledged by government, for example, the Special Economic Zone for any benefits it may cause. The group company is waiting for more research and development of the Biofuel by-product to generate profits. Details are listed below.

  • Ethanol business: we aim to increase the ratio of production and distribution of HVP to 10.0 percent in the group company.
  • Biodiesel business: the group company will invest in refinery factories of Refined Glycerin with a production of 80 tons of raw glycerin per day (equivalent to 30,000 ton raw glycerin per year)
  • Biomaterials and biochemical business: the group company will continue to conduct research of the second-generation sugar produced by high cellulose biomass, Bagasse and Wood chips, for instance. The prototype and commercial factories will be built in 2020.
  • Supplements, animal food, personal articles business: conducting research on algae, which formulates high value Astraxantin that later be produced at supplement and cosmetic products.

The key focus of our future HVP business is to cooperate both BCP and KSL to undermine any conflicts that may occur. Importantly, we can remain as a listed company and persist through any regulations TheStock Exchange of Thailand.