The company aims to be in the business of High Value Bio-Based Products and high-technology health and well-being products.

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B Nature Plus

Product Detail

The company has developed high-quality nutritional supplements and health products under the brand "B nature+". There is a pharmacist working in collaboration with a nutritionist who prescribes the main ingredients appropriately, works with a quality manufacturer, and controls the quality of the products to meet the specified standards.

The company's products are as follows:

  • Asta-Immu An outstanding feature to help strengthen the body's immune system.
  • Asta-Vis An outstanding feature to nourish the eyes.
  • Calcium-LT Advanced An outstanding feature to nourish bones and joints.
  • Probiotic products are available in 4 formulas as follows:
    • IMMU Probiotics Increase the amount of good microorganisms in the body and also contain vitamin C and vitamin D to meet the needs of the body each day. It has a positive effect on the functioning of the immune system to fight against pollution and the rapidly changing environment.
    • Fit Probiotics Increase the amount of good microorganisms in the body to balance the excretory system. Fighting the crushing in the body to make weight control work well.
    • Smile Probiotics Increase the amount of good microorganisms in the mouth to reduce tooth decay and unpleasant bad breath and promote good oral health with hygiene.
    • Balance Probiotics Increase the amount of good microorganisms to balance the gastrointestinal tract and return it to normal strength. When the digestive system is balanced and excretion is normal, it leads to a strong body and overall good health.

More Day

Product Detail

Soy milk drink mixed with oat milk for consumers who want alternative health care products and HoReCa operators, including hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops and cafes, under the brand "More Day". It has the same protein as cow's milk and is lower in calories. It also has a rich flavor and texture that are very similar to those of cow's milk. Therefore, it is suitable for use in making various beverages such as coffee, milk tea, or cocoa.

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