The Company and subsidiaries have a policy to pay dividend to the shareholders at the rate of not less than 40 percent of net profit of Company’s separate financial statements after all deductions as required by law or by Company.
However, this is subject to the economic situation, Company’s cash flow and investment plans according to the necessary, appropriation and other concerning as the Board of Directors’ consideration.
X-Date Payment Date Dividend Type Dividend (per Share) Unit Operation Period Source of Dividend
4 March 2024 4 May 2024 Cash Dividend 0.05 Baht 2023 Retained Earnings
1 March 2023 3 May 2023 Cash Dividend 0.05 Baht 2022 Retained Earnings
22 August 2022 7 September 2022 Cash Dividend 0.05 Baht 2022 Retained Earnings
24 May 2022 9 June 2022 Cash Dividend 0.15 Baht 2022 Retained Earnings