CG Report

CG Report

Code of Conduct

Directors, executives, and employees should perform their duties responsibly. Be honest and careful to protect the company's interests by adhering to good practices according to this business ethics.

Code of Conduct

Personal Information Protection Policies

Privacy Statement
Data Protection Policy
Data Subject Rights Request Form
Closed-circuit television (CCTV) Privacy Notice BBG

Policy Documents

BBGI Public Company Limited regards good corporate governance principles as an important factor in promoting efficiency and sustainable growth, ultimately translating into greater value for its stakeholders, employees, partners, customers, investors and other stakeholders.

Supplier Code of Conduct for Sustainable Business Development
Good Corporate Governance Policy
Risk Management Policy
Personnel Recruitment and Development Policy
Disclosure and Use of Inside Information Policy
Whistle Blowing Policy
Social Responsibility Policy
Anti-Corruption Policy
Environmental, Social and Governance Policy
Succession Plan Policy
Business Continuity Policy
Financial Statement Submission Policy
Tax Policy
Connected Transactions Policy
Dividend Payment Policy
Investment Policy
Internal Control
Responsibilities of the Chief Executive Officer
Responsibilities of the Company Secretary
Subsidiaries and Associated Policy
Conflict of Interest Policy
Business Responsibility Policy


Audit Committee Charter
Nomination and Remuneration Committee Charter
Risk Management Committee Charter
Investment Committee Charter
Board of Directors Committee Charter
Management Committee Charter

Corporate Documents

Articles of Associations
Memorandum of Association
Company Affidavit