Our Business and Products

The company acquires shares in other companies (Holding Company.) The main business includes Biofuel, production and distribution of Ethanol, Biodiesel, and by-product, and any business involved those aforementioned.

Sustainability Development

Sustainable development is essential to BBGI. It's critical to our ability to serve as a responsible corporate citizen; it's imperative to the future of our people, communities and planet


We value our place in the environment by driving change for the betterment.


We aim to grow through the adoption of sustainable principle in our daily business practices.


One of BBGI's primary duty is to protext respect and support social sustainability, in order to promote mutual between people and BBGI.

Corporate Governance

BBGI Public Company Limited regards good corporate governance principles as an important factor in promoting efficiency and sustainable growth, ultimately translating into greater value for its stakeholders, including its employees, partners, customers, investors and other stakeholders.

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News and Media

Investor Relations

Welcome to BBGI Investor Relations. Here you will find all information about the Company's key figures, the share, strategy and financial events.